Tried and True Tips to Be a Low-Stress Freelancer

Back in the days when I had just one job to think about every day, I often thought, “How would I love to be a freelancer just picking up a job here and there and doing what I want.” Little did I realize, when I became a fulltime freelance writer, how wrong my preconceived notions of the freelance lifestyle would be. Not to say I don’t love it (because I do), but it is very easy to let freelancing stress you out beyond belief.

Yes, you get to set your own schedule and choose your clients, but rather than show up at an office every day and have someone tell you just how to manage your time, you’re running the show all yourself. If you aren’t careful, you’ll be stressed out, maxed out, and ready to pull your hair out. So before you go a little crazy burning the midnight oil at the coffee shop every night, here’s a few tips (tried and tested) on how to be a low-stress freelancer.

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