The Power of Culture in an Organization

Employee engagement consistently affects key performance outcomes. According to a Gallup study on employee engagement, top-quartile business units outperform bottom-quartile units by 10% in customer loyalty and engagement, 21% in profitabil…

Building a Customer-Centric Marketing Team [Infographic]

Effective marketing leaders of today are no longer aligning their department activities with business objectives, they’re charged with developing and driving the strategies to lead business growth. The line between marketing and s…

HR Trends 2017 Round Up

Are you prepared for the challenges 2017 will bring to the workplace? Technology evolutions and revolutions, changes in laws and procedures, and a massive shift in when, how, and where people work will make 2017 an interesting time for HR departments across the country, across companies of varying size, and across industries. To help you meet the challenges ahead, we’ve rounded up our top 17 HR trends of 2017. Enjoy! 

Marketing Metrics that Matter (infographic)

Marketers are constantly on the search for useful metrics. While knowing baseline metrics is always a good thing, deciding which of those metrics are valuable-which ones turn into leads-can be confusing.