Improve Talent Acquisition Through Collaborations with Marketing

From the onset, marketers know that they’re up against a variety of challenges to attract customers. Factors include market demand, consumer reviews, public perception, budgetary restrictions, and, of course, direct competition. In today’s tight labor market, marked by low unemployment rates and widening skills gaps, recruiters can identify with many of those same challenges while trying to attract quality hires. Talent acquisition doesn’t always connect itself to revenue generation for the business as well as marketing does; subsequently, it may not receive as many resources to get the job done. Still, unfilled jobs cost the U.S. economy as much as $13 billion per month, or $160 billion per year.

Therefore, it’s imperative that employers build up their talent pipelines as well as their sales pipelines, both to avoid a costly talent shortage and to protect the growth potential of their businesses. Filling the hiring funnel starts with an engaging employer brand, which shapes job seekers’ first perceptions of a company’s work culture. When developing (or improving) employer branding and recruitment marketing, collaboration with marketing professionals can be incredibly helpful.

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