Get to Know Advanced RPO: Meet Bethany Okran

Bethany Okran

Welcome to our “Get to Know Advanced RPO” series. Want to know what makes Advanced RPO special? It’s our people, and you’ll get to meet them, one at a time.


Next in line is Bethany Okran. Bethany grew up playing multiple sports and consistently led her school in door-to-door fundraising sales. Her tenacity hasn’t changed. After playing four years of varsity softball and becoming sorority president in college, Bethany transferred her competitive and eager spirit into her work. Bethany is a Recruiting Operations Lead at Advanced RPO, leading a staff of 40 individuals. With nearly 20 years of management experience, Bethany’s main passion is driving her team towards success. Her management style is a “walk-alongside” approach. She is structure-oriented, motivating her team to seek constructive, consistent approaches to daily hiring tasks and challenges. When she isn’t working or sending late-night emails, she and her family are entertaining guests on their oversized deck or traveling and visiting friends.

Let’s hear what Bethany has to say about working at Advanced RPO.


What’s wonderful about working for Advanced RPO & why would someone want to work here?

Advanced RPO provides sustainable leadership with decades of experience to provide clients with hiring solutions. Our team is diverse, educated, dedicated and thoughtful. Everyone, from the top down, is ready to dive in and get their hands dirty. No project is too big or too small and all opinions are considered and evaluated. We are small and robust. We all have a direct line to the president and leadership, regardless of level.


What do you enjoy about recruiting? What drew you to this field?

I fell into this field by happenstance. With a previous career in management, I took a leap of faith and started with an RPO on the front lines. I rated resumes, conducted phone interviews, made offers and conducted background checks. I got to know this “new” industry, started asking questions, connected with leaders and begged for more challenges. I had a successful tenure and advancement with my previous employer that prepared me well for my role with Advanced RPO.


What do you think makes an exceptional RPO Coordinator?

There is no box; what exists is outside. You need to think creatively and “walk awhile in their shoes” to find the best candidate. The role requires consultative discussions with hiring managers who are eager to ask questions, seek support and knowledge. A recruiter is a liaison, the client’s partner, and an extension of HR – together we are “in this to win this.” A great recruiter will push back and have challenging conversations. A recruiter is always prepared to provide data and solutions.


How do you see the recruitment marketplace changing right now? What do you think is one of the most important trends in recruiting?

Wow! It is ever-changing. You need to be adaptable, driven and confident. I have many perspectives on trends. We have millennials looking for technology at the click of a button, apps, and a quick and efficient processes, potentially with no voice contact. We also have a population nearing retirement with great skills and a landline, looking for opportunities in the local paper. We have vets that require a different avenue. You have to understand your client and their needs and cater recruiting towards them. As trends evolve, candidates may or may not; therefore, you have to be astute to this and manage accordingly.


What advice do you have for anyone who is looking for a new job?

Put yourself out there! Create or update a LinkedIn page, Google Blog, publish an article, utilize free job boards such as Indeed and SimplyHired. Connect, connect, connect! When you receive an interview, be prepared. Spend time getting to know the company and industry, prepare answers to situational questions in advance and bring your best “self” to the table.


Why would someone want to work with Advanced RPO?

Advanced RPO provides leadership with nearly 100 years of combined experience in the field of recruitment, processing and outsourcing. The Advanced RPO team leads by example and has secured excellent talent to work alongside their growing team. Working remotely provides a work-life-balance that encourages you to work hard, work smart, and enjoy the autonomy to step away when needed. Your work, metrics and contributions speak for themselves. Advanced RPO allows you to be the best you’re able to be.


Life is crazy. What keeps you sane? How do you recharge?

Crazy-sane? Is this a rhetorical question? I can identify with both. My wife works for Advanced RPO. We have an amazing six-year-old boy, named Aven. We “recharge” by NOT talking about work and enjoying our son and his activities, the outdoors, exercise, our 18-year-old cat, and our amazing friends and family. Sometimes a warm cup of java helps… or a cold beverage.


Lastly, any quotes, mantras or inspiration for our readers?

As a manager for the past 20 years, I have “modified” many quotes I have heard throughout the years. As a manager, I believe that everyone “takes out the trash.” I will work alongside and with my associates as needed. I believe the “customer comes first, but might not always be right.” You may respectfully challenge a customer while still appreciating their stance and opinion, reaching a conclusion benefiting both parties. Lastly, “never run out of vanilla!” “Vanilla” has become a word meaning normal, bland, ordinary; I see it as just the opposite. Without vanilla, it is nearly impossible to sustain an ice cream shop. Similarly, a bathroom without toilet paper, an office without a receptionist, KFC without chicken – yes, that happened to me once! Regardless, “vanilla” equals great people, that you cannot go without, performing assigned tasks efficiently and productively at all times. There are over 100 types of vanilla, but only 15 produce the fragment spice, such as with life. Will you be 15% of the best?


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