RPO: Benefits for Your Employer Brand

“Employer brand” is an organization’s reputation as an employer. It’s a trending topic that has recently captured the attention of many executives and HR professionals. What perception do active candidates, passive job seekers and existing employees have of your organization? That’s your employer brand. An employer brand is built on your company’s values and vision, […]

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Want to Attract the Right Candidates? Start with Employee Personas

Have you ever been in an interview, either as a candidate or hiring manager, and thought, “wow, are we way off the mark!” There have been many times in my career when I’ve been on an interview and realized that either the position or the company just was not the right fit for me. At least I realized the mismatch early on. What about those who don’t realize the mismatch until they’ve already started the position?

12 Inspirational Quotes To Get You To Spring

It is that time of year again. The holidays are long over and it feels like winter will never end. March seems to be the most difficult of winter months in Chicago, the weather can be 60° or -5° and there is still potential for a blizzard. 

Are You Ready for RPO?

RPO is the fastest growing sector of HR outsourcing and the $2 billion industry is expected to expand at a rate of 9% through 2018. The RPO industry is growing thanks to a rebounding economy, stronger competition for skilled talent, globalization, social media, and companies who desire to focus on core business operations.   Is […]

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