RPO: Benefits for Your Employer Brand

“Employer brand” is an organization’s reputation as an employer. It’s a trending topic that has recently captured the attention of many executives and HR professionals. What perception do active candidates, passive job seekers and existing employees have of your organization? That’s your employer brand. An employer brand is built on your company’s values and vision, the experiences your candidates and employees have with your company, and your overall culture.


Here are three of the many potential benefits of employer branding:


  1. Increased Talent Pools

A compelling employer brand allows you to better gain the interest of both active and passive candidates. Promoting your brand and engaging with talent in a genuine, authentic way helps you attract more people and keep their interest over time, thus strengthening your talent pipeline.


  1. Better Candidate Experience

When you carefully construct and communicate your employer brand, you can provide stronger content regarding your company, your culture, and the benefits and value of working for your organization. This type of information creates a better candidate experience because candidates can better determine if your company is a good “fit” for them.


  1. Reduced Time-to-Fill 

Strong employer branding helps you nurture a pipeline full of engaged candidates who are already interested in your organization. This proactive recruitment can help you significantly reduce your time-to-fill.


How can RPO impact your Employer Brand?

When a company outsources their recruitment through an RPO solution, they should expect more than just dollar savings and faster fills. RPO customers should also expect expertise and savvy regarding every step of your recruiting process, such as recruitment advertising, job postings, social media, recruitment touch points, the application/feedback process, the interviewing cycle, and the offer extension/negotiation/close process. This expertise should help a client not only improve processes; an RPO provider should provide valuable insight as to how a client can improve their candidate experience and employer brand at every step in the recruitment and onboarding process.


Advanced RPO provides high-touch solutions that enhance your employer brand. For more information, contact us today.


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