5 Skills Digital Marketers Need in 2017

Neil Patel, a leading digital marketing consultant, describes digital marketing as “any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices,” which theoretically means that digital marketing has been around for decades. Of course, the skills needed to be a successful digital marketer these days are vastly different than those required in past decades. The invention of the internet brought email and blogs, and social media became a way to distribute this new content and to engage with a company’s audience.

When and How to Ask for a Raise

There are few things more nerve-wracking than considering asking for more money in your current position. Your odds for success increase dramatically when you fully prepare both your justification and timing. Here are some tips on how to go…

How to Quit Your Job without Burning Bridges

One of the most important ways to maintain your network happens when you quit a job. Leaving on good terms without burning bridges leaves the door open for you to reach out to former colleagues when you need to find a new job, need an introduction to a prospective client, or you just need some professional advice. Here’s how to quit without burning bridges:

8 Must-Haves for Your LinkedIn Profile

We all know that LinkedIn is an invaluable tool—there are currently over 128 million profiles and counting! Keeping your profile updated makes it easier to find your next job when the time comes—even if you’re not currently engaged in a search. Here are eight tips to polish up your profile:

Best Documentaries to Watch for Creative Inspiration

Creatives are always thinking of new ideas. Sometimes, though, when the pressure is on to create something new, that’s precisely when we hit a creative roadblock. Inspiration is all around us; it just depends on how you see the world. One great source of inspiration is documentary film. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite documentaries you can rely on to help inspire creativity.

Learn to Code: Why Bootcamp-Style Programs Are the Way to Go

With employees and employers alike realizing the benefits of knowing how to code, bootcamp-style programs have increased in popularity over the last five years. Coding academies offer a solid alternative to learning to code in more “traditional” educational settings; students can enroll in condensed programs that fit their schedules, which is a bonus for full-time workers.


Your Job Application Process Stinks. Here’s How to Fix It

“Why aren’t many people applying to my job posting?” This is one of the first questions hiring managers ask us. It may be because your online application process stinks. People interested in your job could be attempting to apply, but something along the way caused them to abandon the process.

How to Be a Leader, Not a Boss

“Bossy Pants” or “Inspiring Leader.” Which title would you rather be pegged? Effective managers ensure that not only the team as a whole but individuals are motivated to grow and put their best foot forward to feel rewarded and produce quality work. “Bosses” tend to separate themselves from their teams and focus on their own success.

How to Focus on Work During a Personal Crisis

It’s tough to focus on work when you’ve just been dealt a blow in your personal life. Work may be the last place you want to be – or you may find work to be a welcome retreat – when you’re coping with a loss, dealing with a breakup, or have newfound financial stress.

6 Helpful Tips for Handling a Job Rejection

This is it—the job you’ve been waiting for. You nailed the interview. You’ve got your hopes up—and then, bam—you’re rejected. You read the email and see the dreaded, “We’ve decided to go in a different direction” dance. We’ve all been there. Rejection hurts, and sometimes it hurts more than we expect it to. The right position is out there, and you will find it. Keeping a positive attitude will bring you closer to landing the perfect job for you. In the meanwhile, here are six tips for helping to deal with a job rejection: