9 Tips to Ace the Interview and Land the Job [Infographic]

The average length of an interview is 40 minutes. It’s hard enough trying to show a hiring manager who you really are and prove yourself capable of excelling in a role, not to mention in such short time. How do you ensure those 40 minutes in front of your potential employer are the most dynamic 40 minutes possible? Here are nine pro tips to help you ace the interview and land the job.

Looking to break into Content Strategy?…Content Academy can help!


I’m always eager to learn about ways professionals and students can continue their education and keep their skills sharp—without incurring debt! WunderLand recently hosted a Lunch and Learn here at our offices with Rebecca Steurer, co-founder of Content Academy. Her mission is to build a sense of community for Content Strategists. She and her business partner, Scott Winterroth, have established a place where folks looking to either transition their careers into Content Strategy or students wishing to improve their marketability can meet and grow their skills.

Ultimate List of Interview Questions To Screen For Culture Fit

Think of the best employees in your company. Chances are they’re not only top performers, they’re also inherently driven by your company mission and embody your company culture in their values and actions. Now, imagine hiring your best employee every time you had a job opening. That’s what hiring for culture fit can accomplish.

Paid Time Off is Not Just Personal Time Off

Cook County recently passed a Paid Sick Leave Ordinance which is resulting in Human Resources headaches across the area. This new ordinance is creating a trend to offer employees two Paid Time Off categories, one for perso…